Netsource Client Case Studies

Managed Services Company (Environment Agency)


A leading managed service company needed to put together teams of pre-checked (Financial / Criminal / Identity) installation and support engineers to cover the whole of England and wales for a large refresh of Cisco Routers / Switches for the Environment Agency. This was a highly pressurised and sensitive project. Each team had a team leader.


Netsource assigned a project team to work with the client throughout the project life cycle. The project team comprised o a Project Delivery Manager who was responsible for the overall delivery of the project resources, a Resource Manager who was responsible for the search and selection of the contractors and ensured all engineers were fully vetted and interviewed.


Netsource’s project team identified, vetted and interviewed over 100 candidates to ensure that the project resource was of the required quality.

Netsource’s co-ordination ensured that all SLA’s were hit and the project was completed successfully and within budget.

We have used Netsource for a number of projects and longer term commitments. The candidates provided have always been of the highest calibre. The nature of our business can necessitate changes at very short notice and I have found the resourcefulness and accommodation of Netsource an important factor in our ability to successfully deliver pieces of work

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