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The Resourcing of a specialist Agile team to work on a large digital programme for a public sector client.

The key skills required included:

  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Managers
  • Test Specialists (including functional / automation)
  • Software Developers / Engineers
  • Business Analysts


We built a specialist internal team to be solely responsible for the delivery of this specific project.

Our greatest challenge on this project was the shortage of candidates with the required skills in the local area. Therefore, sourcing the large volume of candidates required within the tight deadline proved challenging. What is more, we were working with below market rates, which made sourcing candidates from further afield more difficult.


Due to the challenges described above, we quickly identified that we would have to find candidates that were not actively on the market. Therefore we employed a variety of recruitment tools, aside from general advertising and job board searching.

We used LinkedIn to search relevant profiles of people who were not actively looking for new roles. We also utilised LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to increase online presence, joining relevant online groups for different skill sets.

Finally, we used our internal database and candidate network for candidate referrals.


What we found most successful was our ability to identify candidates through our effective networking skills. Due to our strong candidate relationships, we were able to get referrals of passive candidates, who were not active in the market. In addition, we were able to grow our market knowledge of the local area. We identified companies who employed candidates with the required skills for the above roles, as well as finding out when companies were releasing contractors. We also found social media very beneficial for increasing awareness of the positions, and reaching a wider audience.

We were able to hone in on local, untapped candidates, who were not always actively looking for work. This included a selection of candidates who were permanently employed but joined the team on a contract basis due to our pro-active approach.

We successfully built a team of 26 contract specialists on time and within budget. To this date, the majority of the team are still on site, and some have progressed into more senior positions.

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