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A new client rang into the office over the Christmas period in the hope that somebody would pick up the search for a candidate they needed who had an array of development skills.

They had a skills gap but no set ideal candidate and presented us with a vague job specification of what they thought they needed. They had tried numerous different agencies in a futile attempt to get an agency on board but we were the only ones to respond to their request.


To search and contact candidates within our network and database, using our internal team of delivery consultants.

As it was two days before Christmas the office was depleted of staff due to holidays within our own team, so sourcing assistance and different sets of eyes or networks were not available to us. Furthermore, the people that we were trying to ring were not looking to make a move during the Christmas period so even getting the candidates on the phone was an obstacle, yet alone gaining interest. As well as this, as the client didn’t have a structured or detailed job specification the sourcing of the correct candidate was more difficult as there was no set database to search.


We realised quite early on in the process that we would have to advise the client to perhaps be more open and flexible to the type of candidate and skills they looked for, thus enabling us to reach out to more candidates in the market, using various recruitment tools open to us.

Our ability to ensure that the client could think outside the normal parameters that they had set themselves in regards to this role was very successful. We found a candidate with a vast array of skills and were able to show the client how they could mould the candidate to their needs with the skills that he possessed. Our ability to act as a consultant and advisor came to fruition in this role more than others as the client was expanding their team for the first time and needed our guidance more than our sourcing power.


We successfully found a suitable candidate and they now continue to use us exclusively and always know they can contact us with any requirements or questions regarding recruitment. We have gone on to place multiple candidates here and the team is growing and flourishing due to this.

We had an urgent need to recruit a new IT resource at short notice and over the Christmas and New Year period.  Netsource were really supportive and pulled out all of the stops to find us a suitable candidate within our short timescales.  After reviewing all of the supplied CVs we then interviewed and recruited the very first candidate which Netsource had provided.

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