Starting a Career in Coding

Hi, I’m Hugh. I’m just starting out in a career in coding and if you are thinking of doing the same then reading this blog will be of interest.

Today technology is part of everyday life and for most people they only care if it works not how it works. But there are others who love the idea of technology and are fascinated how it comes about. Some may stop there with their fascination thinking the world of coding and computers a foreign language too difficult to fathom and beyond their capabilities, but for myself and others, coding was a challenge I was intent on pursuing.

After two years at University studying Interior Architecture I began to realise I had made the wrong choice, the course and way of learning weren’t for me, so instead I spent my summer researching coding. Initially looking at Ruby and then more thoroughly at JavaScript. Starting computer coding made me enjoy learning again, away from the boring lecture halls I was now teaching myself code. It was like being a kid again playing with Lego; each day I could create something new and because there are so many resources out there for beginners it was so easy to lose myself in a world of code for the day.

So I knew which way I wanted my career to go but how did I go about it?

University wasn’t an option for me but fortunately there are other ways to learn to code from online courses to private intensive boot camps, which are as equally sought after by employers as a university degree. For me a 3 month intensive course in Manchester was the preferred choice, and here I was able to convert my passion for coding into substantial knowledge enough to follow a career in software development. Similar courses are available in London, Leeds and other major cities nationwide so no matter where you are based you should be able to find a suitable course.

The twelve weeks were certainly intensive, there was no possibility of a half-hearted work ethic.  During the time I learnt skills I had never imagined I would have and I became confident in using them. By the end of the course I had created my own website with a server to hold all the data and then in the final two weeks, working in a team, I was involved in creating a mobile application for solo travellers which allowed the user to share their geolocation and be able to see other travellers in the same vicinity. It had the capability for users to message and create events for people to join. A final presentation of the application to employers finished the course and gave me further valuable experience to take to the workplace.

Still now I cannot believe how much I was able to achieve in such a short space of time, and how quickly I went from having a vague idea to a concrete career option. Of course having a real enthusiasm for all things technological helped.

If technology interests you and you want to make a career change to coding, just do it.  Be determined each day to be better than the day before and the rest will follow. For further information on following a career in coding contact