Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 14th December, Netsource joined with many other people over the UK to proudly wear their Christmas Jumpers and have some festive fun raising money for Save  the Children.

Save the Children does an incredibly important job of helping children all over the world and we are proud to support such a worthy cause.

Those staff who forgot to arrive in a Christmas jumper (Bah Humbug!!) were quickly drawn into the festivities and  happily wore the Christmas hats they were given. In fact we had to remind them to take them off!!

The prize of an extra cake went to Josh who looked so elf like in his hat we wondered if he was moonlighting for Santa!!

We had Christmas cup cakes which were sold around the offices to add to our collection. Any that weren’t sold or shared out at Netsource were given to the homeless in Manchester on my way home.

Even the staff not in the office that day joined in from home. Even though Sarah was poorly she still made the effort as did Jess working down in London that day. But that’s Netsource for you…. working together like one big family!