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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO: STORYTELLING Many of us have been interviewing for long enough to have picked up some tips and tricks. For lots of people, these include ways to control their nerves, or remembering to include evidence to support … Continue reading

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How To Get The Job You Want When You Graduate As a student just about to begin second year, it has been drilled into me by lecturers how important placements are. High grades and a spotless attendance will get you … Continue reading

Can taking a sabbatical help or harm your career? As a recruiter I’m always very wary when I come across an unexplained, extended gap on a CV. Does this mean that this person was ill-qualified to perform the kind of … Continue reading

Working from home is great…isn’t it? One of the first things that springs to mind when people think about working from home is getting rid of that dreaded commute, which for most people adds up to at least an hour … Continue reading

How can you learn to enjoy a job you hate? If we lived in an ideal world, we’d all love our jobs. Unfortunately, as it stands, that’s not the case. If you’re reading this, then it’s a fair guess to … Continue reading