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What to do if you hate your new job

Date posted: March 23, 2017

What to do if you hate your new job

So you rock up to work on your first day in a new job, all full of hopes and dreams (and just a bit of nerves!) about the next step on your career ladder, only to find that your new job is not what you expected and you hate it. All those aspirations, seemingly dashed. What are you supposed to do? Don’t panic, we have you covered.

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Never put your reason for leaving on your CV – this is best discussed at interview stage, where you have the chance to explain the situation. Try to put it in a positive light – emphasising how the opportunity wasn’t right for you rather than complaining about the workplace or insulting your boss. Keep any discussion short and to the point, and move back to selling why you are good for the new job.

How do you know if this one is right for you? Well, what went wrong with the last one? Think about how you went about your job search and what information you were given or asked for. Did you thoroughly read the job description? Did you ask enough and (more importantly) the right questions at interview stage? Did you bring up any concerns you had with the contract? Did you research the company as much as you could before accepting? Use the experience you just went through to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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