Meet the team: Lucy Marks

OUR TEAM JUST GOT BIGGER!  We are super excited to welcome Lucy Marks to the Netsource family. I caught up with ‘Lucy in the sky’ to find out more, you can read the interview below.

Hi Lucy, thank you for taking the time to chat. Please tell us about your previous role/Background:

I come from Liverpool and I went off to Manchester Metropolitan University to study English Literature. I graduated in July 2017 and then I went to Vietnam to travel for a number of weeks. I then moved to Prague in the Czech Republic and completed a TEFL qualification. I then went to work as a teacher of English as a second language with children aged between 2-6. I returned to the UK because I felt like I wanted a career change.

What was attractive about Netsource?

After deciding I wanted a career change, I started looking into a variety of roles that would suit me as a recent English Literature graduate. One of the sectors that I found was recruitment. Netsource felt like the ideal company for me, after looking around a few other companies, as I felt that the company had the real close-knit community that I was seeking due to the fact that I am new to the recruitment world. After meeting some of the team at Netsource, it was really reaffirmed that it was the right company for me due to the fact that many members of the team also came from graduate backgrounds and have worked their way up to high level positions which is something I eventually aspire to be in the position to do. Netsource also provide a hands-on training programme, which was something that was really key in my search for a new career-path, as I wanted to ensure that I was able to get the training in order to succeed within a new career.

What are you currently working on/specialising in?

I am currently working on public sector roles and also I have started working on American based roles with Dave (who is located in the New York office)

What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to achieve job satisfaction in a career that provides the opportunity to progress upwards quickly. I also hope to eventually work my way into a management position and hopefully be able to mentor and teach new starters.

How have you found your first week?

I have found my first week really enjoyable. I have been dealing with candidates and they have all been really nice, open and friendly. I have already started to build up a good network of candidates who either are suitable or may be suitable for upcoming opportunities. I have managed to get three candidates put forward for various positions, which is really positive!

Random fact about yourself!

I had my name changed from Lindsey when I was 12, as my mother changed it after the first few weeks of being born but unfortunately did not get around to legally changing it until I was 12 for my first passport. My mother was a super Beatles fan and named me Lucy after the song “Lucy in the Sky”

Thank you Lucy, we wish you all the best in your new career at Netsource.

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